Steven Musumeche

Steven Musumeche

Senior Software Engineer

About me

I am a seasoned T-shaped software engineer, deeply-skilled in front-end technologies like ReactJS, TypeScript, and GraphQL, complemented by impactful contributions to high-scale distributed backend systems. I work remotely from Lafayette, LA.

I currently work as a software engineer for a stealth-mode startup which operates at the intersection of real estate and food, connecting the digital and physical worlds with software (bits and atoms). With over two decades in the tech trenches, I've mastered the art of making complex systems play nicely together - think of it as a digital orchestra, but with fewer musical instruments.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my wife, Dr. Adrienne Musumeche, and kids Molly, Ruby & Ross. I also enjoy saltwater fishing, reading, drumming and playing with my beagle, Annie, as well as my two Vizslas, Sandor and Lili.

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in both Music and Information Systems (summa cum laude), I started my career by co-founding the e-commerce startup, Internet Retail Connection, eventually growing it into a $5M business. At IRC, I wore many hats, including application development, architecture, systems administration, search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

After ten years of being the boss, it was time for a change, so I joined Chicago-based Dealer Inspire to lead development of a commercially-successful live chat SaaS product catering to the automotive industry.

After the company was acquired by in early 2018, I joined Seattle-based Formidable Labs as a senior full-stack software engineer, where I focused on open source and JavaScript-based client projects for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100s.

I'm currenly working for a quickly-growing startup where I work with distributed systems, GraphQL, TypeScript, Java, gRPC, CockroachDB, and other fun technologies.


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