Steven Musumeche

Steven Musumeche

Senior Software Engineer

About me

I am a senior full-stack software engineer operating remotely from Lafayette, LA.

I currently work as a software engineer for a stealth-mode startup which operates at the intersection of manufacturing, real estate and food, connecting the digital and physical worlds with software. I am a firm believer in using modern technologies and best practices to create long-lasting and maintainable software.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my wife, Dr. Adrienne Musumeche, and kids Molly, Ruby & Ross. I also enjoy strength training, saltwater fishing, reading, racquetball and playing with my pet beagle, Annie.

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in both Music and Information Systems (summa cum laude), I started my career by co-founding the e-commerce startup, Internet Retail Connection, eventually growing it into a $5M business. At IRC, I wore many hats, including application development, architecture, systems administration, search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

After ten years of being the boss, it was time for a change, so I joined Chicago-based Dealer Inspire to lead development of a commercially-successful live chat SaaS product catering to the automotive industry.

After the company was acquired by in early 2018, I joined Seattle-based Formidable Labs as a senior full-stack software engineer, where I focused on open source and JavaScript-based client projects for companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100s.

I'm currenly working for a quickly-growing startup where I work with distributed systems, GraphQL, TypeScript, Java, gRPC, CockroachDB, and other fun technologies.


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