Architectural Drawings for Our New Home

We are finally finished designing our new home in Lafayette, LA.  We hired an architect (Longo Architecture) to design the home, which took about 5 months from start to finish.  As of today, we are closing on the construction loan and construction will begin shortly (our builder is LR Mitchell and we have had a great experience so far).  We are expecting it to take between 8-11 months.  I will say that the process has not been easy and I would not recommend it for the faint-hearted 🙂

Our house is going to be built in the Fernewood Subdivision of Lafayette, LA.  Here is a map.

Here are a few pictures from the architectural drawings:

Front of the Home

Back of the Home


Downstairs Floor Plan


Upstairs Floor Plan


Foyer to Den - 3D


Den to Kitchen - 3D


Kitchen & Breakfast Area - 3D

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